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A European freelance programmer, specialized in GC/LC/LCMS and GCMS Agilent Technologies Chemstation and MassHunter script and report programming and the ChemAxon JCHEM chem-informatics platform.

Projects that return your investment fast! Those I like the most.

A completely new version of GCMS QuantBrowser

FAST! Review large quantitation data sets


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General ChemStation

MacroPad  |  OpenAction Universal  |  PDF Processor  |  CopyDataFiles  |  MailOnError  |  Lab Monitor

GCMS ChemStation

Library Editor  |  QuantBrowserB  |  QuantBrowserC  |  Spectra library to Calibration table  |  Calib Browser  |  Isomer Quantitation

GC-LC-LCMS ChemStation

Data Browser  |  Sequence Reporting  |  Quant Review  |  RSD Report  |  Barcoded Report


Gilson sampler control  |  CTC sampler control  |  Kawasaki robot control


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