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DataBrowser GC/LC/LCMS - Collects sample information and quantitation results from all the data files (per folder) created by the Agilent Technologies GC/LC/LCMS Chemstations. DataBrowser allow your chemists to Review and Reprocess quantitation results from multiple data files, and to export the results directly in to Excel. DataBrowser is not restricted to Quantitation results, and can be customized to show your own macro calculated values like peak summing or peak purity. Results can also be exported to a database eventually with a webserver or to a LIMS system. This program is a service platform ment to be molded for your needs.


March 15, 2018: Made compatible with ChemStation C0108
October 13, 2017: GC Front and Back filtering of datafiles
February 23, 2017: Added Acquisition Method to excel export header
October 6, 2016: Fixed small memory leak after removing data files from the list
October 3, 2016: Improved Export Base Peak to CSV
September 10, 2016: Export Base Peak to CSV
March 8, 2016: Apply multiplier after manual integration
November 3, 2015: Increase Chemstation timeout from 8 to 30s
October 30, 2015: Fixed PeakSumming bug and B0403 bug
December 13, 2014: Fixed Sample info bug
December 15, 2013: Added Peak Summing compounds
October 24, 2013: Improved grid refresh
October 10, 2013: Fix reading Sample Name from FLD detector
May 14, 2013: Fixed error: Sample Name in X-Short report style
May 5, 2013: Fixed error: is file open
March 19, 2013: Added x-Short report style
November 9, 2012: Find text in file path and name
October 9, 2012: Purity template
September 13, 2012: Information dialog before opening an existing Excel Workbook copy
August 14, 2012: Include Sequence Reporting
February 7, 2011: ChemStation Navigator not automatically closed
January 24, 2011: Fixed ChemStation communication bug
December 8, 2010: Updated to newest version, with 16-bit Chemstation support
December 2, 2010: Updated to newest version
May 27, 2009: Demo published


File Version Size
DataBrowser Demo 04.01 2.6 MB
Example x-Short Report A.01.01

The demo version is restricted to 30 days.
If you are unable to download, the file can be send by E-mail.
If you over-install a previous DataBrowser installation, the original license file will be retained.
If you lost your license file, please contact me for a new one.


New ChemStation menu: Data Browser

Data Browser

With Manual Integration

Excel Export


Product Euro
Data Browser On request

New features or a customized version are available on request.

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Supported Chemstation

Version Remark
B.01.03 Tested
B.04.03 Tested
C.01.05 Tested
C.01.08 Tested

Any Windows Operating System that is supported by the installed Chemstation version is supported by Data Browser.