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Library Editor - Is an editor for Agilent Technologies ChemStation and MassHunter PBM Mass Spectrum Libraries


Support MassHunter XML library export
Support AMDIS MSP library import
Support JCAMP library import
Add RT when creating a library from integrated peaks
Function to Clean up name, info and company text fields
Remove Excluded compounds during Regenerate spectra
Empty value for melting and boiling is -300
Fixed copy and paste bug with compound names containing a line break
Fixed bug when deleting the last compound in a library


One library with more than 50k spectra requires 4GB of RAM installed(>2GB free RAM)


File Version Size
Library Editor Installer 02.06 2.0 MB


How to change a batch of compound names using Excel


License Euro Order
Personal On Request
Company On Request

Request a license number from niels@waleson.eu. You will receive an invoice and license number.


Mass Spectrum Library Editor

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Demo - Share the demo version of LibraryEditor with your colleagues. The demo version can not save libraries larger than 20 spectra.