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MacroPad - Is a Rapid Macro Development Environment for the Agilent Technologies Chemstations.
The macro language makes the Agilent Chemstations the most flexible chromatography data systems in the World.
When you need to write macros, MacroPad is a must. It will save you many hours, and even enables you to use features of the Chemstation you may not be aware of.
If you need help to finish or maintain your macros; most of my time is dedicated to macro programming for the Agilent Chemstation.


Windows 7 support


File Version Size
MacroPad Installer 6.7.1 2 MB


License Euro
Personal 475
Company 2000

Request a license number from niels@waleson.eu. You will receive an invoice and license number.



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Shareware - Share MacroPad with your family, friends and colleagues. You may try MacroPad up to 30 days. MacroPad is license code protected.