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PDFProcessor - Is a program to maintain Report Tracebility for any kind or brand of instrument that creates otherwise only hardcopy printouts. PDF files can be printed, renamed and moved to a server; all controlled by keywords in the PDF text. Pre-defined scripts are delivered for the Agilent Technologies Chemstations.
PDFProcessor processes PDF files in a folder. The text within the PDF file is processed with a Pascal Script. Many commands are available to extract key values from the text, print a hardcopy of the pdf file, and rename and move the pdf file to a server folder all based on the extracted keywords. PDF files will not be overwritten, but a version number will be appended on collision. A script is included for the standard Agilent ChemStation reports. The script can be modified to fit any report in your laboratory that is produced by any kind or brand of instrument.
When you use the Agilent Chemstation, keywords can be added to reports by macro programming. Please send an Email for a quote, when you need help on programming your report macros.
It is also possible to extract the method or datafile path from the report text, and copy the files to a server.


File Version Size Alternative
PDFProcessor Help File B.02.38 0.2 MB
PDFProcessor Installer B.02.38 2.4 MB
PDFCreator Installer 1.0.1 17.4 MB PDFCreator home page

PDFProcessor does not produce PDF files. It reads and processes PDF files. To produce PDF files, PDFCreator can be used, but many other programs are available on the Internet. PDFCreator is free and can be installed on many different Windows version. The above supplied PDFCreator version will work. Newer version might be available at the official PDFCreator download page.
Also Adobe Acrobat 7 can be used. PDFCreator is preferred.




The complete scripting command set can be found in the PDFProcessor Help File


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Shareware - Share PDFProcessor with your colleagues. You may try PDFProcessor up to 30 days.


License Euro
1 Instrument On request

Discount applies for multiple Instruments. Request a license number from niels@waleson.eu. You will receive an invoice and license number.