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QuantBrowser GCMS - Collects sample information and quantitation results from all the data files (per folder) created by the Agilent Technologies GCMS Chemstations. QuantBrowser allow your chemists to Review and Reprocess quantitation results from multiple data files, and to export the results directly in to Excel. QuantBrowser is not restricted to Quantitation results, and can be customized to show your own macro calculated values like peak summing or peak purity. Results can also be exported to a database eventually with a webserver or to a LIMS system. This program is a service platform ment to be molded for your needs.


June 2013
New: upgrade to version C


File Version Size
QuantBrowser Demo B.01.46 1.5 MB
Document - 0.8 MB

The demo version is restricted to view 5 data files at a time.
If you are unable to download, the file can be send by E-mail.
If you over-install a previous QuantBrowser installation, the original license file will be retained.
If you lost your license file, please contact me for a new one.


Quant Browser

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Product Euro
Quant Browser On request

New features or a customized version are available on request.

Order from niels@waleson.eu

Supported Chemstation

Type Version Remark
G1701BA B.01.00 Not supported
G1701CA C.00.01 Tested
G1701DA D.01.00 Tested
G1701DA D.02.01 Tested
G1701DA D.03.00 Tested
G1701EA E.01.00 Tested
G1701EA E.02.00 Tested
G1701EA E.02.02 Win7-64bit Tested

Any Windows Operating System that is supported by the installed Chemstation version is supported by Quant Browser.



The High Density Quant Report macro is included in Quant Browser.
The standard Chemstation Detailed Report prints only 2 compounds per page and does not show the Qualifier integration baseline. This High Density Quant Report prints 5 to 20 compounds per page (depending on the number of qualifiers) and shows all integrated baselines.