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Quant Review GC/LC/LCMS - Is a large Addon for the Agilent Technologies GC/LC/LCMS Chemstations.


Analyse compounds on multiple signals: Build calibration tables and review, report and export results.
Its purpose can be best compared to QEdit in the GCMS Chemstation.

Quant Review


File Version Size
QuantReview A.03.02 1.0 MB
QuantReview (zipped) A.03.02 0.5 MB
Data and Method A.01 5 MB

One mouse click to install and de-install.

Flash Videos

Video Duration
New Calibration Table2 min
Add Compounds2 min
Manual Integration2 min
Method Spectra1 min

Report Example

The special Quant Review report style is available in the Report Options.
Quant Review Report
Quant Review Excel Single File
Quant Review Excel Multiple Files


Quick Reference
The Quant Review report style has many options in the Report Options - Report Style Options.
Report Style Options

License type



License Price
Per Detector Instrument On Request

Discount applies for multiple licenses.

Quant Review is license code protected. It is allowed to install Quant Review on more than one PC. But a license is required for each instrument that produces data for Quant Review. It is not allowed to Review data from other instruments.

New features or a customized version are available on request.

Ordering and more information from niels@waleson.eu.

Supported Chemstation

Type Version Compatible Comment
G2710AA A.9.01 No Not planned
G2710AA A.10.01 Yes Slower, 16-bit Chemstation
G2710BA B.01.01 Yes Intermittent crashes
G2710BA B.01.03 Yes Recommended

Quant Review was tested on GC, LC and LCMS ChemStations. SecurityPack is not supported.
The 32-bit B version is about 7 times faster. For large data files this is a convenient contribution.