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Review for MassHunter


01.41 2018-02-03 NMW
64-bit Excel failed to create reports on network drive
01.40 2017-01-14 NMW
Support Quant B.09.00
01.39 2017-11-13 NMW
Fixed intermittant navigation failure (update Excel after change sample in Quant)
01.38 2017-10-31 NMW
Removed MatchEx debug leftover message
01.36 2017-09-05 NMW
Navigation from MassHunter not always send to Excel
01.35 2017-09-05 NMW
Added MatchEx function to Excel
Improved PrimaryHitPeakID link performance
Code cleanup
01.34 2017-06-09 NMW
Save config file in instead of
01.33 2017-06-03 NMW
Default template folder D:\MassHunter\Review Templates
01.32 2017-05-30 NMW
One installer for Quant B.05.02 up to B.08.00
01.31 2017-05-25 NMW
Add B.07.00 as supported Quant version
01.29 2017-05-20 NMW
Minor fix
01.28 2017-04-012 NMW
Fixed apostrophe in compound name
01.27 2017-02-08 NMW
minor fix
01.26 2017-02-01 NMW
minor fix
01.25 2016-12-18 NMW
minor fix
01.24 2016-07-01 NMW
minor fix
01.22 2016-06-01 NMW
Return infinit concentrations if response above quadratic curve
MassHunter B.07.00 is no longer supported, a sample without any peaks causes wrong concentrations in successive samples
01.21 2016-05-29 NMW
Prevent Ribbon Error
01.20 2016-02-08 NMW
New presentation
01.19 2016-02-06 NMW
01.18 2016-02-05 NMW
MH.Match crashed on fields without values
01.17 2016-02-03 NMW
Use progress dialog while creating reports
Use =(equal) condition in MH.Match function on numeric fields
Support < and > as prefix in MH.Match function pattern on numeric fields
Use Regular Expression in MH.Match function on text fields
01.16 2016-02-01 NMW
Fix for long tab names
All in one report saved as xlsb
01.15 2016-01-27 NMW
Starter SampleTable and MatrixTable use ArrayFunction for SampleIDs
Run macro Review at the end of SheetUpdate
Navigate in all workbooks after navigate with Excel
Use navigation timer to prevent repetetive firing multiple navigation events
Add MHReview hidden worksheet as Sheet4
Save Excel workbook update Most Recent Used menu in MassHunter
Hide Taskbar icon during report each sample