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Sequence Reporting - Is an Excel based sequence reporting system for the Agilent Technologies GC-LC-LCMS-CE ChemStations.
Sequence Reporting is the most flexible reporting tool on the market. All Excel function and formatting features and all ChemStation data items are available.


November 30, 2010. Chromatograms


File Version Size Info
Example Workbook A.01.01[42] 0.4 MB Just an Excel workbook loaded with data and example report sheets
Full working demo A.01.01[42] 0.5 MB ChemStation Addon macros and an example template
Report Sample A.01.01[29] 0.2 MB Just a report




Start from ChemStation (Sequence or Report) menu

User mode (watch the floating User toolbar)

Design mode Lookup Builder (Also watch the floating Design toolbar)

Design mode Link Builder

License type

Order as single file installer.


Instrument License Euro
Single On Request

Order from niels@waleson.eu.
Heavy discount applies for multiple copies.
New features or a customized version are available on request.
Onsite Training available. Free onsite demonstration for larger orders.

Supported Chemstation

Type Version
GC-LC-LCMS-CE A.10.00 - B.04.00

Features (to many to list)