ADME Suite

The Leoson ADME Suite is a set of tools for pharmaceutical labs. Enzyme, temperature, oxidation and pH stability studies have been labor intensive and a chalange to increase thru put. The suite consists a scheduler (LCMaster) a data processor (LCProcessor) and a data browser (ADME browser).

LCMaster takes control over the Agilent LC ChemStation and Auto Sampler. The Auto Sampler mixes a sample a given medium and ejects this in a new well location. At specified time points, the reaction micture is injected in the LC. More samples and more medium reactions can be scheduled in the empty time slots. The injection times are re-calculated constantly to make optimal use of the empty time slots and prevent colision of the time point injections. Solubility samples are not constraint to fixed time points, and can be scheduled in the empty time slots to make the instrument even more productive.

Inline afbeelding 1
The sample entry table (optionally filled with data from LIMS)
The scheduler table

LCProcessor is a multi-user data analysis program. A user can assign a set of samples. The peak, wavelength and dilution are automatically selected. The selection can be reviewed and adjusted by the analyst. Reports can be produced and result can optionally be submitted to LIMS

Stability review (only 1 sample, 4 injections)
Stability report
Solubility review (only 1 sample, 5 injections)
Solubilty report

This is a complex set of tools, and requires proper implementation (site prep, installation and training). And we will assist by adapting the software to your instruments and IT systems.

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