ReviewSheet for Quant

The latest version 3.7 here.

What is it
ReviewSheet is another AddIn for MassHunter Quant. It contains 450+ Excel like functions. There are a handful functions to retrieve data from the MassHunter Quant batch in real-time. With conditional formatting it has all the power to improve reviewing. Another productive feature is bidirectional navigation. Click on the sheet cell will navigate to that sample/compound in MassHunter. And select a sample or compound in MassHunter will update sheet cells in milliseconds. Sample, peak and calibration graphics are available as well. It can be used for Review and Reporting. Reports can be created as PDF or as write protected Excel workbooks.

Use case
There are many use cases for ReviewSheet. Complex dioxin calculations are now possible.
Complex performance reports are made a lot easier. Fast reviewing of large and complete batches will make the lab more productive. etc.

After 31 days a license file is required. Old data files will still work.
Price: 1900 euro per MS instrument. Training and co-development of review and report templates: on request.


User Mode. Click on another sample in MassHunter and calculations are updated in milliseconds. Click on another compound in ReviewSheet and MassHunter navigates in milliseconds.
Designer Mode. Templates are highly customizable in an Excel-like experience.


2024-02-193.2Edit tabs in Designer
2024-02-203.3ArgumentNullException GetMostRecentUsedTemplateFileNames
2024-02-213.4Allow users to enter text in unprotected cells before reporting
2024-02-263.5Fix lockups
2024-02-273.6Fix more lockups
2024-02-283.7Report name is now Batch name