ReviewSheet for Quant

The latest demo version 3.31 here


A document describing ReviewSheet
A document describing the MassHunter Quantitation Data Set fields

What is it
ReviewSheet is another AddIn for MassHunter Quant. It contains 450+ Excel like functions. There are a handful functions to retrieve data from the MassHunter Quant batch in real-time. With conditional formatting it has all the power to improve reviewing. Another productive feature is bidirectional navigation. Click on the sheet cell will navigate to that sample/compound in MassHunter. And select a sample or compound in MassHunter will update sheet cells in milliseconds. Sample, peak and calibration graphics are available as well. It can be used for Review and Reporting. Reports can be created as PDF or as write protected Excel workbooks.

Use case
There are many use cases for ReviewSheet. Complex dioxin calculations are now possible.
Complex performance reports are made a lot easier. Fast reviewing of large and complete batches will make the lab more productive. etc.

After 31 days a license file is required. Old data files will still work. And there is an early bird test time until Aug 31, 2024.
Price: 1900 euro per MS instrument. Training and co-development of review and report templates: on request.


User Mode. Click on another sample in MassHunter and calculations are updated in milliseconds. Click on another compound in ReviewSheet and MassHunter navigates in milliseconds.
Designer Mode. Templates are highly customizable in an Excel-like experience.


2024-02-193.2Edit tabs in Designer
2024-02-203.3ArgumentNullException GetMostRecentUsedTemplateFileNames
2024-02-213.4Allow users to enter text in unprotected cells before reporting
2024-02-263.5Fix lockups
2024-02-273.6Fix more lockups
2024-02-283.7Report name is now Batch name
2024-03-053.8Increase grace date to Aug 31, 2024 for early bird users
2024-03-073.9Tool bar button Exit renamed to Exit Designer
2024-03-133.10Navigate by value in cells on same column or row
2024-03-253.11Fix crash after deleting or adding sample in the Batch
2024-03-25 3.12Cosmetic fix
2024-03-26 3.13Cosmetic fix
2024-03-27 3.14New Define Report dialog to automate reporting
2024-03-283.15Graphics scaling fixed when some column or rows are hidden
2024-04-023.16Fix graphics printing in Excel
2024-04-093.17Fix Batch name after batch save. Added defined print report
2024-04-103.18Fix defined report for samples and compounds
2024-04-183.19Cosmetic update
2024-04-243.20Fix Defined Reports for Samples and Compounds
2024-04-253.21Fix navigation
2024-04-273.22Double click cell corner like Excel. New Mescius component version
2024-04-293.23Improved logbook/function/values tabs
2024-05-023.24Fixed QC. prefix, fixed double click on field names
2024-05-033.25Reorganized toolbar
2024-05-153.26Fixed defect installer
2024-05-173.27Terrible bug in 3.26, it included 2 DLL’s from MassHunter 10.2. If installed on another MassHunter version, it will overwrite the 2 DLL’s and MassHunter will not work anymore. The DLL’s: BaseMsUtils.dll and QuantAppCmd.dll. Fixed in 3.27
2024-05-213.28Not recommended with MassHunter, but regional settings with a ‘;’ semi-colon list separator and with a ‘,’ comma as decimal separator is now supported in ReviewSheet
2024-05-223.29Ignore if the same data file was added multiple times to the batch and write an error in the logbook
2024-05-273.30Fix exception when formula editor is open while switch to user mode
Set modified flag of a template after define report dialog change
Option to require analyze and save batch prior report creation
Peak fields: QualifiersPassed, QualfiersFailed
Compound fields: CurveA, CurveB, CurveC
2024-06-113.31Allow upgrade from QuantReview and use its licenses